Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Update! (More text you can read.) : )

Well, here's the latest (other than the upcoming baby) that is going on in our house!

Well, a while back while Phil was sitting in his office that was at the World Financial Group Building, taking care of their mortgage loans for thier clients, (but with no mortgages to do at the time) He thought to himself..."What ever happened to wanting to have (his) own recording studio?" So he decided that with nothing better to do that day, he would just get back on board with that. He e-mailed all the Recording Studios he could find on the Wasatch Front to see if any of them would respond, and give him some helpful tips. He got a response from 2 of them. One was and Dave Zimmerman (The one who runs it) actually invited Phil down to spend some time with him (3 Hours!), talking about the studio, and the program that Phil was interested in enrolling in down at BYU. It was a really good experience for Phil. So after that, he decided that he would apply to BYU, and start heading in that direction with his Career. He found a job that would move him closer to BYU at The Professional Education Institute which was at 24th South and Bangeter, ( even though he would have to commute until Misty was done with the school year and they could move to SLC or inbetween SLC and BYU. So he got that job and absolutely loved it (minus the commute). He was working there, and then one of his clients that had a couple investments with him, and he used to work at Sierra RV with, told Phil that there was an opening as a finance guy at the dealership, and asked if Phil would be interested in applying for the position, Phil said "Sure" and had an interview there. The Manager obviously knew Misty from when she worked there as a receptionist, and Phil's client had been talking him up to the Sales Manager and General Manager. And they offered Phil the Job! He has been working for 5 days now. It's in Sunset (which is obviously better for the commute) and the income should be great! Phil thinks he will be there for quite a while, and he is now just trying to see how the Recording Studio could fit into his new re-vamped plan! Misty is also really excited that he got the job, and now is "Working in her shadow." She is also really glad that they won't have to move further south into SLC or even further south than that.

Misty's Head Start job is going great! Most of the days she comes home tired, but she loves working with the kids, and has tons of fun at work. She has a lot of funny stories to tell Phil almost every day when she gets home. She will miss it greatly when she quits to be a full-time Mommy, but there is nothing in the world that will hold her back from doing that!! She is planning to finish off the school year, and maybe help through the summer (for that wonderful Health Insurance Maternity Coverage!) but after that beautiful baby comes, she is out of there.

That's the update from our home!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby on Board!

Okay, so for those of you who haven't heard already....Misty is Pregnant! We found out the day before Thanksgiving. Misty hadn't been feeling real well because of a sinus infection that was bothering her, and so she went (Without Phil) to the Doctor. At the Clinic, while they were checking her out, she told them that she might be pregnant, and they said "Well....Would you like to find out for sure?" So they gave her a pregnancy test to take there, and she found out! When Phil got home, Misty had cooked dinner for him! Baby Spinach, Baby Carrots, Lil' Smokeys, and Baby Red Potatoes. Phil didn't even Catch on! Finally before Dessert happened, which Misty had planned Mini Eclairs, she held out her hands, and had him choose one or the other. (One had the pregnancy test, and the other one had an ecliar in it for Dessert). He chose the one with the pregnancy test, and then finally he put 1 and 1 together and found out he was a Daddy! (After Misty told him that that was a pregnancy test, and how to read it!)

Needless to say, we are very excited! We went to our first Doctor's Exam, just expecting our baby to be a little peanut shape, without any real form, but when we got there they did an ultrasound, and we got these lovely first pics of our Baby! The doctor said that there was just one in there (To which Misty was really relieved) and seemed like it was doing just fine!

Misty is now 9 weeks along, and doing well with her Morning Sickness, and has started being a picky eater. She can only eat a little before she just gets disgusted with the meal, but is doing well other than that. Her favorite meal right now is Burritos with only Refried Beans in them and Cheese that Phil makes for her.

We have to wait for either our next appointment or the one after that (one each month) to find out if it is a Boy or Girl, but we definately will be glad for either!

We feel this is a great time to start having kids and growing our family, and we are excited and nervous about the prospect of being parents!