Monday, June 29, 2009

Officially Toddiling!

Carson is officially a toddler. Walking is now his preferred mode of transportation. : )

Pictures are still to come! (I PROMISE!)


Monday, June 1, 2009

10 Months

(I am going to add pictures to this post. We save the pictures on the laptop and Phil has it.)

Where does the time go? Carson is already 10 months old. His actual birthday was the 27th of May. I'm just a little behind. He is such a little joy in our lives and we thank our Heavenly Father daily for blessing us with him. 

He has the best little personality. He loves people, especially babies. If he gets within touching distance of other babies, he pulls them close and gives hugs and kisses. 

He gets more and more mobile everyday. He crawls like a mad man with a very important mission, pulls himself up on everything and walks around holding on to things. He can stand independently for a few seconds and has taken a few steps. He has learned to go up onto his tippy toes when he can't reach things. We are always amazed by how high he can reach. It is his mission in life to make sure that nothing is on the couch, piano bench and end table. Whenever he sees a stack of anything, he absolutely has to unstack it (especially folded laundry.) 

He loves to help with the housework by unloading the dryer and dishwasher, taking everything out of baskets, pulling the hand towel off of the oven handle, opening and unloading all the drawers and cupboards, and pretty much making as much of a mess as possible. I have had to majorly alter my cleaning procedures to accomodate his lifestyle. He is so cute when he is doing all of these things that I have a hard time getting after him or getting frusterated. 

Some of his other favorite things to do are sing songs, read books, throw balls, repeat sounds, talk, take baths and showers, play in the sprinklers, play with big kids, go for walks, and swing.

He has just recently learned to point to things. So far he knows light, window, nose, shoes, Mama, Dada and Carson. He has almost learned where his eyes and mouth are. He learns things so quickly. Such a smart little boy!

He has three teeth, his two front bottom teeth and one of his incisors (those are the ones next to the two front teeth). His other top incisor is right under the surface and will probably break through soon.

This is such a fun age! Every day is a new adventure. I feel so lucky to be able to be experiencing this wonderful process with him on a daily basis! Thank you, Phil, for working so hard so I can be with Carson! I love you both more than I can say!