Saturday, May 31, 2008

Facebook account

So, we had a "posse party" last night. (Anne Vogel, Jacob Priest, Rachel Thompson, and Misty and I), I was initially inducted to the "posse" when I married Misty, but I think I solidified my being there when I accompanied the posse to Minnesota so they could present their paper, (Misty being one of "they").

They were all talking about "facebook" and they said that Misty and I should get a profile on there. S0, last night I set one up.

The internet is amazing!! I can't believe all the people I am now able to stay in touch with because of Blogger, and Facebook! What will they think of next? High School Reunions? (Wouldn't that be a trip!)

I am really happpy that I am able to stay in touch with the people that have made such a difference in my life! You guys are all awesome!! I'm excited to get in touch with all of you that have disappeared!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kids are Silly!

So, Misty and I just got put in the Primary at our Church, and we are in charge of teaching the 6-7 year olds. We had 6 kids in our first class today. One of them, is a very shy girl, but very sweet. The other ones are as follows:

The 2 popular girls
The class clown
The shy boy
The well behaved boy
then the shy girl that I made reference to.

We were teaching today about the different things that God can answer our prayers with: "Yes," "No," and "Maybe Later." Our lesson compared it to much like our parents who want the best for us, but sometimes say "yes," sometimes "no," and sometimes "maybe."

We did a little exercise where we gave the kids a situation, and had them pretend that they were the parents, and they got to respond to their kids Yes, No, or Not now.

The scenario went like this. Your child comes to you before dinner is ready (you're almost done making it,) and says "Mom/Dad! I'm hungry, I really want an Ice Cream Bar!" Then you (as the pretend parent) have to say Yes, No, or Not Now.

All the kids answered that they would tell their pretend children either "No," or "After Dinner" because that kind of treat would ruin your dinner.

The class clown proceeded to tell the class, "Sometimes I have ice cream BEFORE AND AFTER dinner! I get to have it whenever I want!" (Which obviously he was saying to get attention, (his parents wouldn't really allow that) and to get a laugh out of all of the kids, which most of them piped up and gave him that attention.)

I was sitting next to the Shy Girl, while Misty was up teaching at the front of the class. The shy girl next to me, said, almost under her voice so that I could only hear.... "Spoiled."

It was everything I could do to keep from laughing out loud!!

After Church was over, I told Misty, and she laughed almost to tears.

I think we are going to like our class.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby Decor!!

So, we have been rather picky about what decor we wanted to do int he baby's room. We saw this online at, and thought it would be perfect for our little guy!!

This is the Blanket, Wall art and baskets (to probably keep under the changing table)

These are the Crib bumper, the Sheets, and recieving blankets.

We're getting shipped to us the Valance, and the Hamper. : )

Ahh....The things you buy for a baby, that you would never get for yourself......well, at least not yet.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Take a tour of our home!!

Well, Here it is finally, let's take a little walk around...

This Lovely Piano I noticed was listed in the Free Section of I jumped at the chance to have a free piano, and it works out pretty well for us!! Not in bad shape, (They just had painted it black), and not too awfully out of tune!

We are now turning the corner from the Entry Way/Room into the hallway.

First door on your left is the Full Bathroom

First door on your right is the Nursery....No we didn't decorate it like that, we are gonna take the "pooh" off the walls, and repaint, and put a chair rail in there. Should be really cute when we are done!

2nd door on your right down the hallway, is what we have called, Misty's Craft Room. Right now it is being used for storage. (yup, that's another piano, we are storing for our aunt & cousin, till our cousin gets off of his mission. We didn't realize we were going to get a free piano of our own, when we had comitted to store this one for them. At the time, we were really excited to have a piano on loan for 2 years as well!)

2nd door on the left, is the Master Bedroom. Misty wasn't too thrilled when she knew I took the pictures without really cleaning, or making the bed, so please disregard. :P

Goes into the master Bath.

You can see Phineaus in this photo. He has been with us since our first place. (The fish on the shower wall.) He was in our first apartment, covering up a patch hole in the shower, and yes, when we left, we had to take him. : )

Back out to where we went into the hallway, we are now passing the hallway we went into on the right, and this is the dining & kitchen.

The door on the right leads to the garage, (where we are headed next.) right across from that is the stairs to the basement, (we'll get to that in a second.)

This door leads to the garage/addition that was added to the house.

Into the addition we go!

This is the view out of that door to the right in the addition, you can see the back of the house, and the glass door that was in the dining/kitchen.

Looking left while in the addition.

A little wider shot looking left in the addition.

Standing in the garage door looking back into the addition.

Stepped just outside the garage door of the addition looking into the back yard.

We'll head down stairs now..
This is looking right, at the bottom of the stairs.

Into the family room, (Yeah we are still moving in.)

This is looking left in the family room, the computer area, and the door to the right is our cold storage, that is under the porch at the front of the house.

Back in the family room, looking past the desk down the hall

First door on the left is the 3/4 bath downstairs.

2nd door on your left is the "Green Room"

This is the room directly ahead, past the computer desk.

We are now looking into the hallway downstairs, (the stairs are immediately to the left)
First door on your left (might be big enough for a pool table?) : ) And tucked away at the end of the hallway on the right hand side, is our laundry room!
I hope you enjoyed our little meander through our house!!
For those of you who are a little bit more technical, here are the specs:
2600 Sq Feet
6 Bedroom
3 bath (2-3/4, 1-Full)
.28 (or so) acres
Was listed with a 2 car garage, but actually has 3
Forced Air Heating, Central Air cooling
Built 1996
RV pad.
Automatic Sprinklers
Oldest/Ugliest house on the block!! : )
Definately the ugliest mailbox on the block for sure.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Should I really admit this?

Okay, so I found one of my high-school friends Blogs, was reading up on how she and her family is doing, and she has this website posted....yes....I went to check it out..... and even more sadly.....I thought it was cool. (*hides in shame*)

I have always wanted to be a Daddy that did his little girl's hair though. Is that infeminate as well? Maybe so....Oh well!!

Blog Backgrounds?

Okay, So I have never been thrilled with our background for our blog. It's just one of those "default" ones that Blogger has you choose between. What sites did all you get your backgrounds from?

Okay, I just realized something. I think that Matt and I are the only males that I can think of that blog frequently. Is there something wrong with that? Is this supposed to be a Girly thing? I am feeling rather infeminate right now. Hopefully this feeling passes.

HAVE YOU VOTED YET? --------------------------------->

The name is Phillip......W.M. Phillip.

(The WM stand for Web Master. )

I often wonder if the jokes I say make anyone else other than myself chuckle.

So, I got an e-mail from this guy that hosts a forum/website that I frequently comment, and frequent, asking if I wanted to watch it for the next 6 months to a year for him. I am a big fan of the site, so I said that I would!!

He basically has it all set up, and would continue to pay for any hosting fees and such, all I would have to do would be to monitor the forum, post questions and answers that people write in.

The site is, and was set up for people who are just curious about the beliefs/lifestyle of the church. (Read the small print at the bottom to get the full purpose of the site).

I'm kinda stoked about the responsibility, I think the reason he chose me was because I have a ton of responses on there already about other questions people have asked. He probably saw that I answered a ton, and frequented it quite often, and thought I would be a good candidate.

The reason he says that he is passing on the responsibility, is (this is kinda funny) that he really doesn't have the time (he said it would take like 10 min a day) to watch after it like he should, because of all his deadlines that he has at work, and that (here's the funny part) that his wife won't let him get on-line on Sundays. (I just think that's kinda humorous.)

The link to it is in this post, as well as over there to the right, under "sites we like". Go and check it out, post a response, and I promise that I will publish it for ya! : P

I think its a good avenue to get people's questions answered about the church, (even though it is best to hear it from the missionaries of course) and hopefully peak some interest in them to investigate more!

I am probably going to go through and clean out some of the controversial responses and the such, and make it more readable and friendly. Let me know what you guys suggest!

Also, if you have anyone who just would like to ask a question about anything, I think it's a great way to get info (They can even post it under an alias if they would like.)

Saturday, May 3, 2008


So one of the benefits of moving into a home that has stuff left in it, is that the stuff that you find, you can sell!!! : )
(Not actual picture) : P


(This picture in no way represents actual consideration given for transmission shown above (Transmission not actual transmission shown above))

Yeah, They left a TRANSMISSION in our garage!! I was thinking that it probably still worked, and though rather than just trashing it, I would go and take it to a salvage yard, and have someone else benefit from it.

So when I got to the salvage yard, I told them that I had a transmission, didn't know if it worked or not, and they said that they could give me salvage cost for it, for...... Here comes the big numbers!!!........170.00$ A TON!!!

Yeah, needless to say, I was way below a ton in weight for salvage metal. Regardless of that though, I said, "what the heck", and had them pay me what it weighed (Couldn't have weighed more than 80 lbs.).

For a grand total of .....11.90!!

Yeah Baby! That's the way to work the system!

Oh, by the way, they also left rebar at our house. About 16 rods of it that probably measure at least 15 ft each. (Dunno what the standard length is for it). I have no Idea what they were planning on doing with it, and my dad suggested that I sell it (On KSL or something like that), because the price of steel is high right now.

But if any of you neeed it for anything *Cough* *Jungle gym* *Cough* *Rachael* *Cough* just let me know! Feel free to come and grab it!