Friday, February 29, 2008

Misty felt the baby move!

Misty is so cute. I was downstairs doing something on the Computer, and Misty was upstairs on the bed, and all the sudden I heard her yell...."The baby's kicking me!! The Baby is Kicking me!!"
I ran upstairs to break up the fight, and she told me that she was lying on her stomach stretching out her back, and she felt this little "poke....poke" "poke...poke".

I just figure that the baby is someone who just wants room to stretch out too, and so of course it would kick her if she was squishing it. : )

Misty thought for the longest time that feeling the baby move would be "So weird!" But when I asked her if it was as strange as she thought, she said that "No...It was kinda cool."

She hasn't had a ton of other times when she thought she felt the baby move, but that one definately was one.

And the Baby is a.......

Healthy one. That's basically all that came out of our last appointment. GRRRR!!! Let's lay this out for ya'll.

So we were so excited to finally get to know for sure whether it is a boy or a girl. We were determined that no matter how long we had to wait this time, that we were going to have our appointment, and find out.

When the doctor came in, he had a student with him (Which we cleared before-hand that that was okay) and he (the doctor) started to do the ultrasound. He kept going back and forth, and back and forth again, and then he took a snapshot of the ultra sound and said why don't we let the student take a crack at it.

The student looked at the ultrasound and then said..."Well, my guess would be that it's a boy." The doctor then said, "Well if it's a boy there's only one problem... and that's the first period that he would be having in Jr. High." (Basically saying that he thought that it's a girl.) So we said "really?" And the doctor seeing our amazement said..."What did I say the first time?" And we told him that he said that he thought that it was a boy. He then went looking back to the ultrasound and then finally concluded that he is still just guessing. And that it still could be either.

Hmmmm....Nice huh. But Sooner or later I'm going to figure out how to put our ultrasounds on here and pictures of everything so everyone can share in our frustration!

But he did say that it is a healthy baby, and growing quite well! And that's really all we can really ask for isn't it?!

We definately will take either...And we are just glad that we are being blessed with a little addition to the family!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The BIG 2-6!!

So this last Saturday was Phillip's Birthday! YAHOO!!

It wasn't as eventful as we would have hoped, Since Phil had to work until about 6:30 p.m. But Misty surprised him by dropping by his work and giving him a box of 36 Ice Cream Sandwiches!!
(And No....They aren't all gone yet. (Shocker!!) ) The Salesman at the dealership, and the clients that were there at the time all enjoyed sharing Phillp's treat that he passed out.

When Phil finally got off, and headed out to his car, he found a cute little poem made by Misty saying that there was one of his presents in his car!! (So Misty had another motive for dropping by!) He looked in his trunk, and he found out that Misty had bought him 4 new Hubcaps! (Yahoo again!) Phil has had 3 hubcaps of one kind, and then an odd-ball one on the other wheel. He was very excited!

We were planning on going out to dinner, but since Phil got off so late, we just ended up calling up Chili's and getting their take out.

When Phil got home, he found out that Misty had more clues for him to find more presents! He followed them till he found: Black socks (A necessity for every man) and a gift certificate to Famous Footwear! Phil was in pretty bad need of some new shoes. (And to top it off, the posting day of this post, his shoelace broke!)

For the evening, it was filled with friends and family coming over and playing games and laughing until we cried!! (Thanks Curtis & Kate!) Misty's Cousin and her family (Aubrey, Adam and Faith) Stayed the night too, and we were really happy to see the always adorable Faith!

Thanks for everyone coming over! We had a blast, and you totally made Phil's b-day eventful and memorable!

Hoping, Wishing Waiting......

So we were supposed to have our 3rd(?) appointment with our doctor this past Thursday. And it was SUPPOSED to be the one that we would find out if our baby was a boy or a girl.

We were glad to hear that when we had gotten there, that the doctor was on time, (Unlike the time before when we waited for an hour) and after a short wait, we were shuttled into the examining room to wait for the doctor to come in.

While we were waiting, the nurse came in and said that our Doctor just got a call, and had to go deliver a baby, so he would be about 40 min late. We said, that's not a problem, and that we would wait for him. About 5 min after that, we got another visit by the nurse saying that he had gotten ANOTHER call to deliver a baby, and that he would be another 40 min behind (For a total of 1hr and 20 min! (For those of us who can't add up to 60) ) We would have liked to wait, but Misty had to get back to the Head Start School that evening for a Parent meeting. So we had to reschedule for this Thursday.

Let's all hope that this time we get to have our appointment!! We are very anxious to know what the baby will be.

We both feel like it is going to be a boy, but obviously we are excited for either!

Thanks Sandra for letting us use your Bassonet (spelling?)!