Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Valley (Take 2)

So last week, we had a member of the Sunday School Presidency (at the close of Sunday School) actually say "The Church is True, The Book is Blue, and I love you all!" (yes. that is verbatim.) WELCOME TO HAPPY VALLEY!! This resulted in multiple comments on my facebook status when I had posted it there. I failed to mention that I had left out that during sacrament meeting that same week, we had a speech (yeah, I'll call it that, rather than a talk,) given by a guy who was talking about how everyone in the BYU Newspaper Opinion section, was debating about the new "For the strength of youth" pamphlet. He was very preachy, and I felt was a little out of place.

Well, this week, in our sacrament meeting, we had a girl talking about how "God is in the little details" and how she felt that God had prompted her to put the little socks that were blue that she had just taken off of her baby, back into the "Booty Drawer" (Sock Drawer) but she decided just not to do it then. And then this morning, she couldn't find them, and so she had to put on socks on her son that didn't match! (Heaven forbid!) and if she would have just listened, he would have had clothes that matched today. But instead, she had to get his older brother's socks which were way to big, and didn't match. (See! God is in the little details! He even coordinates baby outfits to match! That was basically the point of her talk.)

I had a little bit of a desire to dry heave while she was talking, but I refrained.

(Sorry if I seem a little insensitive about God coordinating your outfits, I think that if He definitely wanted to He could, but I really think He has better things to do than match your baby's clothes and socks together.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Our wonderfully talented, extremely smart child has learned so much in the last two weeks. He has learned to sit himself up, plop down on his belly to drink the bath water, walk in an orderly direction in his walker, repeat "Ta Da", and CRAWL!! That's right, our little darling is crawling. He started on Friday by taking two crawling steps and has progressed so quickly that he can already crawl across the room. We are extremely proud.

Phil has been pretty busy this week with work. He didn't even get to see Carson on Monday because he was in Ogden. Carson has really missed him. Today he screamed every time Phil would leave the room. It was pretty heart breaking. Carson just loves his daddy so much. Phil will be busy for the next little while. He has moved his mortgage license to a new company and is working on getting everthing set up there. Along with the move, they have made him Branch Manager over the other loan officers that are moving their licenses along with him.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We're Here!

So for those of you that haven't heard, Phil and I are officially residents of the great city of Provo! We moved Monday. Our original plan was to stay up in West Point at least until the end of March, but we sold our fridge. Our lease started down here on the 16th, so we decided to push our plan up.

So far, we are pretty happy with our apartment. As far as apartments go, it's pretty good sized. It's three bedrooms and one bathroom. The bedrooms are all pretty small. Carson's bedroom is the perfect size for him. Phil's and mine, on the other hand, is pretty tight with all of our furniture. Our kitchen is decent sized and has lots of cabinet space. We have met a few of the neighbors and they seem pretty nice. Most are young couple with one or two young kids. Just right for us! I look forward to making friends and joining play groups.

We are going to be renting our home out to a very nice couple and their children. They will be moving in in May, so if anyone needs a place to stay for a month, we have a house you can squat in.

We haven't decided when Phil will start school yet. Probably Fall semester, depending on money. He can start anytime. We have decided to have him continue to process mortgage loans. Doing that gives him flexibility when he starts school.

Carson did very well on moving day. He was happy most of the day, and didn't even freak out too bad when we were moving stuff and left him alone. He is adjusting pretty well to the new environment. The first two days after the move, he was pretty clingy. He wouldn't let me walk away from him or leave his side. Today he did much better.

We will take some pictures of our apartment and post them in the next couple of days.

And on a totally unrelated note, Carson took two crawling steps today! He has been trying so hard for the last couple of weeks and he is getting so close. We are extremely proud of him!