Friday, August 15, 2008

Proud Parents

Okay, So I would always wonder why people who just had a baby would just post pictures of their new baby on their blog and nothing else...
"Isn't something else in their lives happening other than taking pictures of their baby?!" I would ask myself... but after having a child of my own, I now know the answer to that question.
(definitely nothing more important happening)
Belly Time!!
Carson has been fussing some times, and Carson calms down when he is on his belly.
These are some of Misty's Favorite Pictures of Carson.

These next ones are Carson in his new outfits that we got sent to him from my good friend Krysta. Thanks again Krysta!!

Stay tuned for more awesome pictures of our cute baby boy!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Previews of Carson's Smiles

Carson is doing the cutest little smirks! (Yes, yes....we know "it's probably gas" : ) )

Here is a little video of his little smiles!

Cutest Little Boy!!

Joys of Parenthood

So, 2 nights ago, Carson was having a hard night.

He was awake....and awake....and awake....and eating...and eating....and eating.....Finally about 4:30 in the morning, Misty came into our bedroom and asked me to take Carson, and see if I could get him to sleep. She was really worried that he wasn't sleeping, and just wanting to eat and eat.

So, after taking him downstairs, and trying to console him and get him to sleep, I finally decided to go on a little ride with him in the car.

After I got back, about 6:00 in the morning, I crashed on Carson's floor. Misty came in and decided that it was a funny scene, and took some pictures.

YAYYYYYY!!! For Cassie!!!

So, 2 days after Carson was born, we got a wonderful call!!

Ryan and Amy, (My brother and sister-in-law) Called us and told us that they got a call from a birth mom, and they were going to have a baby added to their family!

Here are pictures of Cassie Alexis Burnett!

We are so happy that we get to experience parent-hood together!

Happy Dad!

Look at all that hair!

Wow! I'm glad I didn't have twins!

Who's Bigger!? I can't believe that they were only born 3 days apart!

(by the way, the answer is Carson. : ) By exactly 1lb 9oz, and 2.5 inches long)