Friday, June 27, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package

So, What did you do with yours?

As for us, (Pictures coming soon) we decided we better gear-up for the arrival of our Baby!! It's going to come soon, and Misty is hoping he will be a week early or so, but definately not too early that he wouldn't be healthy.

So in preparation for our Little Guy, we decided to buy all the "must haves" for a baby. Stroller, Car Seat, Crib, Changing Table, Dresser....And we still need to buy a Pack-N-Play.

That's what we had always planned to use the economic stimulus package for, and then the rest will probably go to savings, or to pay off some debt.

Fun Fun Fun!! :P

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Poll!

So after finally deliberating for quite some time, We narrowed our names to these top 3. Amy and Aubrey will be happy to note there is no Carter, or Jackson. : )

So we are interested in seeing what you like the most!

Vote away!