Thursday, March 27, 2008

How old does this make you feel?

So, Misty says that owning a home will make her feel older than actually being a mom...

Well Misty, Start coverin up that grey!

Cuz we a movin!

We just got our offer accepted on a home out in West Point. We obviously are very excited, and anticipating the move! (If any of you are available to help us, then we would welcome you with open arms!)

This was the 2nd home on our list out of the many many we saw on-line and also 2nd out of the probably the 17 we saw in person.

This is a home that we just couldn't pass up, and we think we will be here for years to come. The outside looks a little bit older, but it was actually built in 1996.

We think we got a great deal on the home, (so if you think differently, then don't rain on our parade! : ) ) and it has almost all the ammenities that we would ever want in a home. It is on .25 acres, so it has a decent back yard, and a ton of storage.

We are thinking we will close pretty quickly on the home, and be moving in mid-april. So everyone can come and visit us, and enjoy our new home with us!

It's not an "it" anymore!

And the verdict is......
It's a BOY!!
We (the baby included) is very glad that we don't have to refer to the baby as "it" anymore!
It's a HE!
We didn't really care either way, we just wanted a healthy baby : )
Misty will have to wait to decorate her "girly room"
Hellooooooo Army Man, Nuclear Warfare, Guns, and Carnivore room!
(Yahoo!) *Phil*
(Maybe with slabs of t-bone steak on the walls too?)