Sunday, April 27, 2008

Newest Pictures of our Baby Boy!

Here are the latest pictures of our Baby. Misty went in to do the "4D" (Still have no Idea why it is called "4d" instead of "3d" (And no one at the clinic knew either!)) ultrasound, and the baby was being so bashful. He didn't want to have his picture taken! His face was buried into the side of the placenta, with his arm up over his face! (Silly Boy!)

These are the best pictures we could get while she was there, and though it may look like his nose is all messed up, we either think that it is actually his hand grabbing his little nose, or his nose is smashed up against the side of the placenta, (Like when you press your nose on a piece of glass) or the image is just resonating weird.

Here's our Perfect Little Boy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Moving Day

Phil has officially declared May 1st as "National Move a Pregnant Lady's Belongings Day." Those of us who are short of Pregnant Lady Belongings this time of year (Official Pregnant Lady Belongings Season is in February) will be pleased to know that Phillip and Misty will be offering Misty's Posessions (Misty being a seasoned Pregnant Lady for 6 months now) to be moved on the epic day.

Those of you who wish to participate, will be more than welcomed by contacting Phil via phone, or singing telegram, to get the location of the starting point for the move.

When asked why Phil declared May 1st as "National move a Pregnant Lady's Belonging's day" and not the expected May 26th... Phil commented, "Well, I have the day off all day, and it will be a good day to have all of the utilities moved over as well."

For further reporting, stay tuned into for your up to date news.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We closed on our house today!

So thanks again to all those that helped us in the Acquisition of our biggest debt!! (We'll be sending you a bill shortly.)

We won't actually get the keys till later, (the sellers have legally till Friday to be out) but we think that we should be getting in before then. We would like to be in by Thursday since that is Phil's day off.

Again, probably not moving for a couple weeks, and we'll let everyone know.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Benefits of Going Digital :P

Okay, since we had gotten our Digital Camera quite a while ago, Our common practice was to just upload the pictures on the computer, and then print them, or e-mail them whenever we needed to.

Recently I had found my old camera, (Which works quite well by the way...) and it had Film in it still!!

I took the film to Wally-Mart to get it developed, and it was pictures of our Honeymoon over in San Francisco!!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!
This is a picture of us at the Oakland Temple, (Misty's Favorite)

We wanted to go in and do a session there, but they were closed.

This is us on a world famous Trolley in San Francisco

This is us on the Ferry over to Alcatraz.

Sinister Phil "The Groundhog" inside of his guilded cage.

Luckily, he has the infamous Misty "The Babe" to keep him company

Funny story. Parking is a nightmare in San Francisco, and we did locate a Church to go to out there just off of Ghirardelli Square. Of course the Utahns, used to the wide open spaces, decided to park in the shade. (Under the building over there. Directly to the right of the car that you can see on the right side of the picture. When we came out, we found this!!
Needless to say, we had to wait for the block after us to get out, so we could get out of our parking place! Funny Huh!

This chair was in the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino. We love staying at Casinos! (And this one was our favorite!) The rooms are great prices, and the food is cheap!

On Pier 39, they have these shows of entertainers, and out of the 10 people that were there watching, : ) Phil got chosen to help out! (Lucky Him.... (not!)) He got to put on this wonderful musical apparatus, and help out at the show on the stage! (Yes, Yes, those are desk bells that are fashioned into a nicely fitting bikini top.) They played the "Blue Danube Waltz" with Phil being the "Ding! Ding!" in between the phrases. Yeah, it was classic.
Misty thought it was HILARIOUS (needless to say), and when we got our pics back from Walmart, She started laughing again! Good 'ol San Francisco.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Closing on our new house

We will be closing on our new house either on Monday or Tuesday of Next week...So either the 14th or 15th. (It's flexible)

Our Deadline is on the 15th, so we should be fine as far as that goes. After the many many.....many closings I have been to, it is kinda wierd to think that I am going to be the one signing this time!

Thanks to all the great people who helped us through this process!! We would definately reccomend all the people that we used for others to use. So if you have any questions, get a hold of Misty or I!

Once we will be able to get into the house, we'll take pictures of everything for everyone to see.

Oh, and don't worry....I'll definately let everyone know when moving day is. : )

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sanity is Re-instated April 10th!!

Halleluiah! Guess what is back on TV this evening on NBC?!!

Yup. That's right, the whole gang.

Misty and I have become Office junkies, I think me more than her though. I was hooked from day one, but she took some warming up on it.

One of my favorite reasons I love the show is the little jokes that Jim plays on Dwight. I could only find a few of them, I really wanted to find the Stapler one, and the Vending machine one, but alas, my searches on You Tube have been fruitless. Enjoy the ones I did find below!!

The Office - Jim Slaps Dwight

Dwight + Jim imitate each other

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Growing Baby!

So for those of you who wanted a picture of Misty's Belly....Here you go!

Okay, okay, that one isn't the best. I know..... I told misty that that picture looks like a picture of a giant hard-boiled egg. : )

Well....There you go! Cute Baby boy growin fast!

Random Posts from Long Ago...

So, rather than trying to place these in their own little categories, I just thought that I would just post some things that we had been thinking of putting on, all at once. Enjoy!!

This is our most recent picture together. It is from Christmas (obviously..) At a Company Part for PEI that Phil worked for during that time.

These next ones are from Phil's B-Day, and were a little trail that Misty left for him. : )

The Present that I found was that Misty got me New Hubcaps for my car. Ever Since I had bought it, it had 1 oddball hubcap. My car was very grateful to "fit in" with all the other cars now.

This one was posted on the Front Door when I got home. I was very excited to get started!

Cute Huh!