Monday, September 22, 2008

Carson's Blessing

Well, we are just a week late, but here are a couple of pictures from Carson's baby blessing. We blessed him on September 14th. We were totally overwhelmed and touched by the support we received from our family and friends. Phil counted the people at our house and there were 54. We had even more at the church that didn't come to the luncheon. It was a wonderful day. We were able to see family members that we haven't seen for a while. Thanks to all who came! As for the pictures that will come next, you would think there would be more of Carson since it was his blessing. However, there are only a couple of him. Phil and I are not very good picture takers. Phil was taking these so we will blame him.

Carson in his blessing outfit. He hated it! The second I started putting it on him he started screaming, but eventually calmed down.

It's good we have a big house! Everyone fit with relative comfort.

Our two moms doing what moms do best. Thanks for all your help!

Misty, Angie, Mom (Rosalie), Chelsea, Joyce

Enter husbands

Phil, Miguel, Scott, Kyle

This is Aiden. He is my step-sister Angie's son. This was the first time I saw him. He is 10 months and very inquisitive.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just have to take few minutes to brag about my absolutely wonderful baby boy. About a week and a half ago, Carson was having a hard time going to sleep. We were in Midway at a hotel so we didn't have a rocking chair. (I usually rock Carson to sleep.) After about 45 minutes, I decided to just put him in his bed and see what happened. He babbled and grunted for about 5 minutes then fell right to sleep. I decided to try the same thing the next night, even though we were back home. After nursing him and rocking him for 5 minutes, I put him in his bed and left the room. Again, he babbled and grunted for a few minutes and fell asleep. Next night, same thing and so on. It is now a week and a half later, and we have put him down every night and let him fall asleep on his own. He has never even cried or fussed. He just babbles. And since he has been putting himself to sleep, he falls asleep earlier and stays asleep longer. Instead of only sleeping about 4 to 5 hours, he now sleeps 6 to 8 hours. I think this is a pretty amazing feat for a 7 week old baby to have accomplished. Oh and a sleeping baby means a sleeping mommy. I am loving the added rest I have gotten. We both just love him!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pictures Galore!!

So, Here are the many Faces O' Carson. Hopefully I can give a good enough description to each of them:

(Above) This is what we call Carson's "Scary Eyes"
(click on the picture for full size to get the full effect. : ) )

His little eyebrows are so cute when they bunch up!

Carson fighting going to sleep (and looking a little inebriated)

More eyebrows

Right on man!!

Mommy and Carson's Hands

Cute Smiles!! (too bad its a little dark)

What was that big flash of light?

Our favorite picture of Carson. This is the quintessential Carson.
We love the wrinkles in his forehead!


Um, Kermit? You look a little.....Um.... Drugged.

(Just kidding Anne, we love the frog!)

A cute picture of Carson and Drugged Kermit.

It appears to be a Giant Egg or Marshmellow!

Carson in his Blessing Suit

Another Amazing Picture of Carson!! (Misty took all of these!)

The following are Carson's Paparazzi Avoidance Pics:

We hope you enjoyed all these cute pictures of our favorite baby boy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Paul's Racing

So, Misty's Dad, thought that it would be a good Idea if he were to run a race. No big deal right? A quick 5K? a 10 mile run?

No, not for Misty's dad....
Maybe a Marathon? Now that would be something wouldn't it! But no, not even that!
Maybe 50 miles, that would be crazy now wouldn't it! Yeah. That would be, but you forget....This is MISTY'S DAD.

50 wasn't enough. He had to go for the gusto.....
100 MILES!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!???

And it's not just over nice paved roads. No, it's through the mountains. It's UP AND DOWN HILLS! AND IT TAKES AT LEAST 20 HOURS TO RUN!! (I think the winner did it in 20?)
The elevation went from a low point of around 4800, up to 10500, back down to around 5700.
He did do great though, and he finished in 34hrs and 2omin give or take a little. (with no sleep)

Here are some pictures from his amazing feat.

We are proud of you Dad!

Quick Updates

Holy Cow! Having a cute little boy around the home takes a lot of work. Sorry for the lack of posts, its been hard to try and actually find the time to get online and write another post. I have tried to delgate to Misty, but now that she has Carson around to keep her company, I can totally understand why she finds him more entertaining than blogging! :P (and our only working computer is a laptop which I take to work for the time being)
Carson- He is doing great! We are going to bless him this coming Sunday at 9:00 a.m. if you would like to come, you are more than welcome! I have this Idea of putting together a mood chart of all of Carson's faces and compile them all, but haven't gotten enough pictures yet. We'll post lots of pictures soon enough, and hopefully some of his little videos. He has gotten more vocal now with "cooing" and "squeaks" and drives us absolutely nuts with his cuteness! We about have his schedule down, the hardest part is trying to keep him awake from about 9:30-11:00 p.m. We have found out that he needs this awake time, so he will sleep soundly during the night. Usually we can make this happen, and he is now staying asleep for about 6 hours a night!!! YEA! We think this is such an accomplishment for him for only being 6 weeks old. : )

Misty -She is now doing her dream job! Being a stay at home mom! She gets awesome benefits! Poopy Diapers, a Hungry Crying Baby and cuddling time with Carson. I am so glad I have such an awesome wife to raise my son while I am out trying to provide for our little growing family. She is also teaching Primary to the 6-7 year olds, and enjoys the interaction with the kids.

Phil - Wow. Long stories. After a brief stint of unemployment, I am now working at a start-up company called Estmar Strategy Ltd. Things are developing quickly there, and it seems like a great move! I just got called as the 2nd counselor in the young men's presidency, as well as the Assistant Scoutmaster. Its a challenging calling, but I am really enjoying associating with people that have the same mentality as me! : )

Carson showing off his amazing lungs, and Daddy too!

Carson and Mommy loved watching the olympics while Mom was recooperating. We practically watched every event that was on NBC!

Carson wants to be an Olympian some day too!

This is actually how he sleeps every night!