Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carson is 18 Months!

Carson is 18 months old today. We really can't believe how fast he has grown up. He gets bigger and smarter every day. He is continually doing things that surprise us. He has such a fun little personality. He loves people and loves attention. He is a little performer.

We never get tired of bragging about how smart he is, so here is a little more bragging. He can count to 13 without mistakes, 20 with a little help. He knows like 17-18 letters by sight and know all of the consonant sounds. He can sing the ABC's all the way through without help. He knows over 200 words and puts together 6-7 word sentences. I swear that he has to just hear a word once and he will remember it and the appropriate way to use it. He knows his first, middle and last name and can spell his first name. He knows all the colors and the common shapes. His new favorite thing is to call Phil and I by our first names. He thinks it's so funny when he does it.

Carson really loves to play with other children. I have been really impressed by how well he shares (usually) and cooperates (usually). He has a couple of fun neighbor friends and he asks to play with them every day. We are really looking forward to Nursery on Sunday. He is beyond ready to go. I don't think he will have any problems going in.

We just love out little boy! He has enriched our lives in ways we never thought imaginable.

If you want to see current pictures of him, check the previous post.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Carson 18 months!

Thanks so much to Angie Berrio! She is an amazing photographer, and Carson loved working with her!

These are Carson's 18 month photos. I can't believe how big he is! Which one is your favorite?

Parents & Family, Which number would you like to have printed out for you?


























Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Semester Over!

Phil completed his first semester at BYU!

He had a pretty normal workload as far as other students are concerned. 14.5 credit hours. However, he had a HUGELY LARGE workload as compared to other students when you consider:
1. He is Married
2. He has a (now) 17 month old
3. He is the only provider for our family (We would have it no other way!)
4. He is the 1st counselor in the Y.M. Presidency in our Ward
5. He is the assistant Scoutmaster in the ward
6. He is in a program that is in the School of Music, where some classes only count for .5 of a credit hour but take the work of a class that is 3.0 credit hours
7. He is a Branch Manager of a Mortgage Operation and has responsibility over 25+ people.

Despite all this, grades have just come out, and he got a 3.96!! YIPEE!! He got an 'A' in all his classes but one, and in that one he got an A -, which he was very grateful for!

He also figured out his schedule for the remainder of his time at BYU, and he thinks that he can be done with his program by April of 2011. That's only a year away from this Spring! We are all very excited.

Go Go GO!!

2010 Here we come!

Well, 2009 was filled with a bunch of changes! Moving from our house, changing focuses in multiple areas like School and work, watching Carson grow, it has been a crazy year.

We are looking forward to a great 2010, and this past weekend we spent it celebrating our Anniversary. With School starting on the 4th, (which is actually our anniversary), we celebrated a little earlier. We found this awesome bed and breakfast up in Providence, Utah. Check it out here:

We also had an opportunity to go see Avatar, and we both were pleasantly surprised! To just imagine how much CGI was involved, just blew our minds away. I was also impressed that though it was CGI, there were some camera jerks here and there, that made it seem as if someone was actually holding a camera, and made it more realistic for myself. (Did that even make any sense?)

It also marked the first time that we left Carson overnight. (17 months old right now) Thanks to Michelle and Brian, (who already have 5 little ones of their own) for watching him! It was a great break for us, though we were really excited to go and pick him up the next day. He is just a cute little boy, and even at this minute is pushing the Off button on the T.V. then turning to us and saying "Where did it go?", "Where did it go?". Cute boy!

2010 comes upon us now, and here are just a few things that we are looking forward to:

1. We have a renewed vigor to have an organized FHE every Monday.
2. Phil is actually going to GO home teaching. : ) (Sorry families!!)
3. We have renewed our 2009 goal to go to the temple once a month. (Baby Sitter Volunteers are welcome!) Finding someone to watch Carson, and feeling like we aren't imposing on them has been our biggest obstacle.
4. Phil actually wants to write in a journal daily. He is debating on whether or not to do it on a blog, and just make it private, or do it by hand. Obviously typing is a lot faster than writing by hand.

We have a feeling that 2010 will be a great year for us over here!