Sunday, April 24, 2011

Guess who gets to speak today @ Church!

Let me give you a hint... It's the one who actually posts to the Blog.

Still don't know... Oh, fine. It's ME!!!

Who's Me? Well, let's just say I am the Head of the Household.

NO! NOT MISTY!!! Sheesh.... It's Phil. :)

Here's my talk. I feel pretty proud of it if I do say so myself!

(Begin Talk)

Brothers and Sisters, You are going to die.

Sorry, there's no sugarcoating it, and there’s no way around it. Those wheels were put into motion millennia before you and I got here. Each day you live, You are one more day closer to it.

I’ve known many people who have passed beyond the veil, my grandparents on both sides, Misty’s grandparents on her Father’s side, and her grandfather on her Mother’s side.

Each of these events was one of mourning, of remembrance, for we missed them all dearly. But for us of the Christian faith, we know it is not the end. For long ago, one person did the impossible. One person did that which only a God could do, for a surety, He surely was.

After treading the winepress alone, suffering torment beyond that which a mortal man could bear, except it were unto death, and finishing His work which His Father asked of Him, Jesus Christ passed from this world, just like you and I inevitably will succumb to the imperfections of our mortal tabernacle.

Where death brought captivity and damnation, for we truly were stopped in our progression, Christ visited those that as it states in D&C 138:14-19, 23-24.

Inexplicably Christ used his divine nature and power to join both spirit and body to a perfect state. First to his own body, and then to those who would be the first of the many that would be part of the first resurrection.

At this wonderful time Spring Morning, ( Can someone please tell the weather?) we commemorate the final step in our Savior and Redeemer’s Atonement. With the resurrection His work finally was Finished, and his gospel continued to be preached on both sides of the veil and he continued to minister to those worthy to see his glorified body face to face.

It has been said that Easter has stood against the world’s efforts to secularize it. With all of the Easter Bunnies, Colored Eggs, and plastic grass, and marshmallow goodness contained in those sugar laden Peeps, That across the world, people still recognize the true meaning of Easter more than other holidays like Christmas.

I am grateful for that. I’m grateful that the pinnacle of the Atonement has continued to touch the hearts and spirits of the children of men to perpetuate this commemoration of the empty tomb.

As my son woke up this morning, Easter basket in hand, picking up eggs that were laid before him down our hall to his pile of goodies, I reflected upon the journey that Mary Magdalene made that First Easter morning. As she arose before morning, and went unto the splechure, she saw that the stone had been taken away. As she went back to get Peter, then they entered into that sacred place and angelic ministers announced to them “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen.”

As my son carefully and methodically opened each plastic egg, and said “Oooh! What’s in here? Oh! Egg jelly beans! I LIKE those!” I reflected upon the emptying of the tomb of Joseph of Aramethia. As we think about our upcoming or reflect upon our already completed Easter Egg Hunts, let us think about the hunt for the Savior. Both on that First Easter Morning, as well as in our individual lives.

As we think about the Easter eggs, let us think about their representation for new life and rebirth.

As we think about, (and possibly participate in) Easter Egg Rolls, let us reflect upon the rolling away of the tomb.

As we think about our new Easter clothing, let us think about the incorruption that we will put on after we forsake our corruptible mortal bodies.

As we think about our chocolate bunny ears dipped in wonderful peanut butter, let us think about that wonderful concoction of peanut butter and chocolate. : )

A thought occurred to me this morning. The stone didn’t need to be rolled away from the tomb. The resurrection surely could have taken place with the stone in place. The Lord that has power of life and death, surely could not be contained by a stone across a doorway.

Then why was it rolled away? It was rolled away for us.

It was rolled away so we could have record of Mary and others proclaiming their witness that he surely had risen. It was rolled away so our faith could be strengthened that our God is a God of truth.

'Twas the Night Before Easter!
by Peggie C. Bohanon
(Web address:

Slight Modifications by Phillip Burnett

'Twas the night before Easter on Internet Lane;
New York, to Russia, spring Holidaze reigned!
Computers were linking from Disney to space;
And folks were resolving the
Easter Egg case!

The kids were entranced by a techno-theme,
While visions of dinos appeared on the
And Mom dyed the
eggs, while I searched the Net,
flowers to send her--or in trouble I'd get!!

When swiftly, my Mac began such a clatter,
mouse shrieked, "Explorer", what is the matter?!"
Away to my
window, I jumped with great speed;
A break for sore
eyes, I surely did need!

I saw flowers of spring beginning to bloom,
I welcomed the view from my
office room!
When what to my wondering
eyes, did I see,
But a
Stranger stooped low, on bended knee.

With a quick glance I knew 'twas a back-flash of time,
I envisioned the form of my
Savior Divine.
More rapid than eagles, my memory raced,
To another time and a-nother

Where Christ, Lord of all, called each one by name--
"Follow Me," was His Word, and they willingly came.
They watched Him perform His deeds of
They knew His power had come from above.

Yet we witnessed his suffering and he eventually died;
In the dark of a tomb, our Savior did lie.
But then in another flash of great power,
I saw Him
arise--death conquered that hour!

He was robed all in white, with a radiant glow;
He stood in great splendor,
this Savior I know.
His eyes with loving compassion shown,
knew in that moment I need ne'er be alone.

His hands were outstretched as this One bid me come;
The work of redemption forever done.
I stood there in silence, in humble awe,
As the
Reason of Easter I now clearly saw.

Then quickly as the scenes, had first appeared,
They faded--I felt not one moment of fear.
I bowed low in worship; earth's sight was now dim;
I had seen
Easter's morning; I had been there with Him.

As I saw Him, with faith's eyes, lifted above,
The night before
Easter was filled with pure love.
And I heard him exclaim as He ‘rose out of sight,
"A Blessed
Easter to all! I have conquered your night!"

Brothers and Sisters, You are going to live. Sorry, there's no sugarcoating it, and there’s no way around it.Those wheels were put into motion millennia before you and I got here. Each day you live, You are one more day closer to it.

(End Talk)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carson's Animal Names

Carson has the best names for his stuffed animals. He named them all himself!

"Ruff" - Little brown pound puppy
"Ruffy" - A big puppy that I got for Valentine's day (last year) that he's confiscated.
"Creek" - A little frog that he's had since he was a baby.
"Bumpy" - A little musical giraffe that he's also had since he was a baby.
"Sumby" - Little plastic toy elephant
"Dor-A-thy" - (A as in Cat). A dinosaur he got from the D.I. that he is convinced is a dragon.
"Curious George" - A stuffed monkey that he got for Valentine's day this year.

Then when he was at a duck pond, he named one of the little ducks "Chicklee."

I think if we ever have a pet, he is going to get to name it. He's done great so far!

(Yes, Phil was the one who wrote this. You're welcome. ; ) )