Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Carson's Animal Names

Carson has the best names for his stuffed animals. He named them all himself!

"Ruff" - Little brown pound puppy
"Ruffy" - A big puppy that I got for Valentine's day (last year) that he's confiscated.
"Creek" - A little frog that he's had since he was a baby.
"Bumpy" - A little musical giraffe that he's also had since he was a baby.
"Sumby" - Little plastic toy elephant
"Dor-A-thy" - (A as in Cat). A dinosaur he got from the D.I. that he is convinced is a dragon.
"Curious George" - A stuffed monkey that he got for Valentine's day this year.

Then when he was at a duck pond, he named one of the little ducks "Chicklee."

I think if we ever have a pet, he is going to get to name it. He's done great so far!

(Yes, Phil was the one who wrote this. You're welcome. ; ) )

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Krystal said...

Holy Cow! A blog post! I've almost stopped checking... ;)

AND...Carson does have really great names for things. :)