Monday, July 19, 2010

Best one liner's from Scout Camp

HOLY COW!! It's a Blog Post!

So, this past week, I had the chance to go to Scout Camp with the Young Men in our ward. Here are my favorite one-liners I heard while I was up there.

Taylor (13 year old Deacon) while holding a tortilla left over from our taco dinner, and walking around rummaging through the kitchen stuff, said...

"Do we have any cinnamon?!"
Yes, Taylor, we do have some... right next to the Grey Poupon, and Avian.

Overheard at a flag ceremony from a neighboring scout troop...

"It looks like a rash to me!"

And the best quote I heard? Came from Josh, (13 year old Deacon) when he had gotten his changed into his swimsuit, and was getting on his bike to ride to his merit badge classes, one of which being Rowing, (hence the swimsuit), we said, "Don't die Josh." He promptly responded...

"Brother Burnett, if I die, you can have my wife."

HOLY COW! Talk about generous! I was at a loss for words. Never have I been offered another person's future spouse. : )

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