Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's done, but has just begun...

For those of you who care, here's an update on all the craziness that has been going on.

I have been trying to balance school, work, church callings, family time, recreation, and every other imaginable ball in the amazing juggling act that I have been performing quite well for the past two semesters at BYU and while we are down here in Provo.

An interesting thing happened this past week, (Has it been a week yet? It's all a blur to me still.)

I had a meeting with a gentleman who was planning on splitting an office space with me, and we were talking about our backgrounds and what we were doing down here in Provo. He has been going to UVU in their Digital Media department for the past couple semesters, and was ranting and raving about it to me that day over lunch.

I told him that I loved my Sound Recording Technology Program that was at BYU, but there was only one problem with it. It was inside the School of Music. So therefore, all people in the degree were required to take all the theory, sight-singing, dictation, private lessons, practice their fannies off and sell their souls to the School of Music to just be in the program.
He proceeded to tell me that UVU had a degree in Digital Media, which had an Emphasis in Audio Production. He began to rave about the professors in the program and told me that I should talk to the advisor, and look into transferring. I wasn't sure about that, but decided it was worth looking into.

I told Misty about it, and she thought that it would be very nice if I could get my degree without all the (what we viewed) as unnecessary classes that wouldn't be applicable to the career that I was interested in. I also agreed, but we still didn't take any action.

After a stressful Monday (15th of March), of going to school, stressing out over work, and skipping out on private lessons to be able to spend the necessary time at get my work done up in Ogden, I got home VERY late and still having homework to do, and Misty asked (almost the way you would ask someone in passing,) "When is the last day to withdraw from classes at BYU?" I responded "I am pretty sure that it's tomorrow."
My cogs started turning. I thought about the weight that would lifted off of my shoulders and the free-time that I would be able to have to spend with my family. I woke up early on Tuesday morning, and looked up UVU's program. I concluded that UVU had a bit broader base in their Audio Production Emphasis than BYU had, without all the stress of the School of Music.
I also looked at the classes that I would be missing out on at BYU. I made an interesting discovery. There were 7 classes that were specific to the Sound Recording Technology Degree inside of the School of Music, and I had already taken 4 of them. I could take 2 of the others, without having be a Music Major! I really would only miss out on one class.
I went to UVU that morning, and met with the transfer department about GE's and classes that would transfer over, and ones that wouldn't. I found out that my Associates Degree from WSU would knock out all of my required GE classes, (Which they wouldn't at BYU) and of course UVU doesn't have any religion classes that are required to be taken on campus. (Did I mention that I am GRADUATING from INSTITUTE with 30 HOURS?! Yeah, I NEED a required class from BYU for a religion class.)
They said a number of my classes that I took for Sound Recording could also transfer over as well, but I would need to talk to the Digital Media department to get those over. Not a Problem. I can stand spending a few more hours in the studio. : )

Well, I made the leap, and I began dropping all my classes at BYU, except for my Sound Recording Classes. Goodbye: English, Sight Singing, Dictation, Theory, Private Lessons, and Symphonic Band. Hello Time!! : )

So now, I have 3 classes at BYU. Studio Recording II, Studio Design, and Principals of Audio II.

Those are the only classes I really wanted to take anyways!! All the other ones were for the degree, only because they were required by the School of Music.

I put in my application to UVU, already got accepted, and have been able to spend more time catching up at work, and focusing more on fulfilling my church callings. It's been great.

I don't know what the schedule or time committment will be at UVU, or if I will get scholarships or what, but I am excited to be able to have a great broad base of education, and be able to take those final two classes at BYU.

That's the latest from me!



Brad said...

Hah! That's my alma mater! "Enter to Learn. Go forth to serve. (But your previous education isn't really relevant here.)"

Jason said...

Hey congratulations. Sounds like a good move.

Ruby said...

so I AM off the hook?! Will miss seeing you but glad you've got some more time. Kevin is making some big decisions as well. Last week he started going to work part time. Ouch.